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Yoga Fundamentals 1

The Yoga Fundamentals level 1 class is perfect for someone that has never practiced yoga before or is a little out of practice. The class moves at a slower pace and the poses are explained in detail. Props are used to assist the student.


Warm Vinyasa:
85 Degrees

This class blends breath and movement to create heat in the body, so be prepared to sweat! This class is fun, dynamic, challenging and inspiring. We will do lots of hard work and build to a peak pose. This class will strengthen and tone your muscles, all while quieting the “mind chatter”. The room is heated to 85 degrees, which is warm, but not considered “hot”. Hot yoga is 95-105 degrees.


Active Deep Stretch

This class has active deep stretching that targets the connective tissues of the hamstrings, hips, pelvis, and back. Active deep stretch is a smooth linking of breath with movement, intensified by mindfully holding postures for several breaths, often with the use of props, awakening your body and clearing your mind. Explore the details of each posture at a slow pace to allow your body time to deepen into a stretch. 



  • “At this point I’ve attended three of the class sessions and I plan on going to more.  The studio is great and Andrew seems passionate and always willing to help people out.  I’ll definitely feel more comfortable as I attend more classes since I sometimes forget the movement associated with the name but I think Andrew has good awareness since he demonstrates the movements often.”
    -Colin O.

  • “Love this studio, love hot yoga! I have knee issues and yoga has strengthened my knees, allowing me to retain my active lifestyle. I think yoga heals so much – inside and out – especially as we age. Andrew, Heather, and Amanda are terrific instructors…”
    -Jan C.

  • “My first class was absolutely wonderful. The pace was fluid, but easy to keep up with.  Andrew constantly suggested modifications for each pose, which made things both interesting and challenging throughout the duration of class.”
    -Erin D.

  • “Both Hubby and I wanted to give yoga a try. We are so glad we went here!  Andrew is a great teacher who goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable.    New student specials are Awesome!”
    – Chasity C.

  • “I have always wanted to try Yoga! I signed up for private lessons because I was super nervous! Best thing I’ve ever done. I am learning quickly and am enjoying every minute! Awesome classes, clean & relaxing studio. Positive vibes always 😉 Highly recommended!!”
    -Cindy P.

  • “Great studio. Enthusiastic staff. Yoga classes worth attending. Super environment.”
    -Donna R.

  • “My first class with Amanda was great! I had a private session with her which was lovely. She was feeling under the weather but pushed through and was very impressively committed to the session.  Looking forward to going back tomorrow!”
    -Mallory S.

  • “I started yoga around 2008 in a very beautiful studio in NK filled with amazing yogis.  I was a strong runner then.  I needed yoga to balance my life.  Low impact, soul and body cleansing, challenging, and a perfect complement to running.  There are great studios everywhere in North Carolina.  I was going to one that massages your ego when you are able to hold all poses and flows after hyped up instructors in a room with 50? students boasting the latest in yoga fashion and stamina competition.  I am not going to lie.  I like competition.  I like fashion.  I love yoga.  I love hyped-up teachers.
    Then I found …”
    -Theresa S.

  • “Great class!”
    -Madison E.

  • “So happy I found this place! I have been practicing yoga at home for 4 years now. I’ve never been to a class so I was very nervous. I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I’d even be able to do it, lol. Well I loved it. Andrew was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable. Classes aren’t completely packed out wall to wall so it has a very personal feel. Glad I found a place to grow my practice with. Will definitely be back!”
    -Michele S.

Meet Andrew Gordon, Founder of Yoga Moves You

Yoga found me in 2002, and helped me drop 60 pounds and help with depression and anxiety. After my father passed unexpectedly of a heart attack on 9/6/01, and the tragic events of 9/11/01, I was confused and suffered from PTSD.   My friend suggested a yoga studio close to where I was living on Long Island.  It was owned by a fireman who answered the call on 9/11.  He told me that he used his yoga to get him through what he saw.  I heard his story and believed there was something in it to help me.  There was, and always will be, which is why I have chosen this path to share. Read More


Yoga Moves You

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