Yoga Fundamentals 1:  The Yoga Fundamentals level 1 class is perfect for someone that has never practiced yoga before or is a little out of practice. The class moves at a slower pace and the poses are explained in detail. Props are used to assist the student.

Warm Vinyasa-85 Degrees:  This class blends breath and movement to create heat in the body, so be prepared to sweat! This class is fun, dynamic, challenging and inspiring. We will do lots of hard work and build to a peak pose. This class will strengthen and tone your muscles, all while quieting the “mind chatter”. The room is heated to 85 degrees, which is warm, but not considered “hot”. Hot yoga is 95-105 degrees.

Active Deep Stretch: This class has active deep stretching that targets the connective tissues of the hamstrings, hips, pelvis, and back. Active deep stretch is a smooth linking of breath with movement, intensified by mindfully holding postures for several breaths, often with the use of props, awakening your body and clearing your mind. Explore the details of each posture at a slow pace to allow your body time to deepen into a stretch. 

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